The party bonds over cheating at games, sparring, shared silence, and the wondrous taste of fried fish. Belinda, Scriv, Valen, and Akiva travel to the port city of Ahmiran to find this mysterious cleric.

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+1 Pen of Smiting

Today we are highlighting +1 Pen of Smiting, a talented artist who creates, among other things, amazing cartoons for many of our favorite actual play podcasts. +1 Pen of Smiting is on:
Twitter: @PenOfSmiting




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Dark Matter

You can still catch our Dark Matter one shot on Twitch and there’s six days left on the Kickstarter! Dark Matter is a full science fiction conversion for 5th Edition that unlocks a universe of adventure for your table, without leaving your favorite fantasy staples behind.


Darkest Child A by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license



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